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Growing from the Ground Up

To Dwell in Possibility!

Apr 13 2023
Wed Delivery: April 19th 2023 Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton
Thursday: Lethbridge & Medicine Hat

A bouquet of foods from the earth

Culinary Experiences!

This newsletter is dedicated to herbs of the earth!

Watch for our next newsletter cause we have some new farmers for you! I wish I could tell you everything but have to wait until we have some products to show you!

Herb Gardens

Talking with Gardeners

I have always had a love affair with herbs! When I was in my twenties I used to go out into the fields and find wild herbs, collect them and dry them. I had found some quaint brown pots with wobbly lids and every variety I could collect went into these little pots! I was fascinated with the medicinal properties of each one.

I have to tell you about a wonderful experience I had when working in a green house that is long since gone, in Richmond BC. There was an older man there, from Poland who had been through concentration camps and had ended up living in BC. I never knew his whole story. He was like a gardener out of all the special books that talk about gardeners. He was quiet. Shy. He wore a flat faded navy blue bill cap. the ones that pull forward. He wore plaid shirts and navy blue pants. His shoes were worn and dusty, with patterns from water that seeped over the edges. And he was very quiet, of the earth. A humble man.

But what he knew about plants! Not only did he keep a lot of exotic plants in a greenhouse just for his use, he knew not only the common names of plants but the latin names as well! For me he was the mystery of the plant world, a hidden library, this quiet shy man full of stories.

Herbs are like personal friends

NexLevel Greens

Justin had a surprise for us last delivery! He had been inspired by his flowering herbs and sent some samples along with the orders! All kinds of herbs!

And what I loved most of all was his herbs with flowers... Nasturtium, chives and cilantro!

He will be putting up some more products over the next few days - look for them!


A herb of hot lands

It's the smells and scents of a place that come back to you. Like when I lived in Drumheller area. The hot afternoons would lift the fragrance of wormwood and sage into the evening. It was such a cleansing and clearing scent, though for some I would imagine it would feel stifling. But it reminds me of rosemary. I think it is the turpines in the plants.

Rosemary is originally from the Mediterranean areas. Like wormwood it is strong and many of these kinds of herbs were used to help with digestion... like hyssop, a common herb used for stewing lamb, pork and heavy meat dishes.

Southern Living

This picture is from Southern Living

I came across some tempting recipes for rosemary!

"Herb Stacked Potatoes"

The one above:"Oven baked Chicken Thighs with Vegetables"

The picture is also from Southern Living.

This pretty skillet supper tastes (and smells) as good as it looks. Choose small chicken thighs, which tend to be juicier and more flavorful than large ones. Serve with plenty of crusty bread on the side for mopping up the pan sauce

Our Farmers! Great food with herbs!

Apricot Herb Sausage

Apricot Herb Kunekune Pasture Pork Breakfast Sausage

Apricot Herb Kunekune Pasture Pork Breakfast Sausage


Using herbs you have to get to know their personality and temperament to use them rightly.

Rosemary is not a humble herb and it brings sharpness and clarity. Burnet is cucumber and mild. Nasturtium is spunky and peppery! Risk it! Explore some lesser known herbs!

Chive Vinegar Recipe

Picture from Learning Herbs

Snappy Onion Vinegar that is wonderfully purple & peppery!

Chive Blossom Vinegar Recipe

This is a super simple recipe that captures the beauty and spice of chive flowers. You can use this Chive Blossom Vinegar in homemade salad dressing, sprinkled on cooked greens (like kale and collard), and in marinades.

New Meat Packages! Free from hormones and anti-biotics

Windy Vista Farms

2 For U Package Deal - Save +5%
Enjoy a discount when buying our delicious grassfed beef products. Package includes 2 Rib Eye steaks, 2 New York strip steaks, 2 lbs xlean ground beef & 2 pkg of 4 – 6 oz seasoned patties.
All of our beef is raised without hormone implants or antibiotics.

The Chicken Bacon Ranch

Ultimate BBQ Pack


Ultimate BBQ Pack
36 lbs of angus beef. This angus beef was raised along with our 4H steers so he was very tame and happy to be around us a lot of the time! antibiotic free, grass fed beef, hormone free, humanely raised

One more Story

I have one more gardening story to share with you! I met a man a number of years ago. He had spent 30+ years working as a pharmacist and then one day he had enough. He quit his job and decided to do gardening! Here is a story he told me...

The Art of Gardening

He became a certified arborist. Gardening was his full time passion now... and he had studied under a true Japanese Gardener. Each year he went to this garden and followed the Gardener about. He raked leaves, swept pathways and did general garden work. Being a true westerner he found this process all so slow and frustrating! The eastern way was to learn by observing.

One day the Master Gardener said to him "Prune this bush".

"Well" he said,"I made a mess of it!" I was at it for hours. I was hot and sweaty and went home with a tremendous headache!"

"What happened to the bush, I asked.
"He had to fix it" was his response!

A Special Thank you to our farmers!

Mastery is an Art form and to become one means years of learning to listen to the most subtle clues and whispers. Think of our farmers, the patience and years of learning they put into their farms, their animals and the care of the land that falls to them. They are true craftsmen and women, true artisans.

Without them, where would we be?
Thank you for never giving up!

Next Delivery is April 19th 2023

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Mark and Elana
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