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Growing from the Ground Up

New Products

October 13 2022
Wed Delivery: OCT 19th

Autumn time
full of harvest, abundance, pies, kitchens and the warm caring hands of our moms and grandmas making all the best from the year's gifts of the earth!

The Little Bakehouse 1

Traditional French bakery in Lethbridge, Alberta
Now Open!


The Little Bakehouse

They are just setting up their products on our site, but here are some of the products below!
They plan on using Herma van Garderen's flour in some of their recipes some time in the future. Herma's flour is to die for! Organically grown, stone milled!

This little bakery is imported from France!

We were talking to the owners of this little bakery. They have been in Canada 6 years now, starting in Quebec as being a French speaking Province, made the transition so much easier. I can't tell you how exciting it is to have a true French bakery here, in Lethbridge! WOW!

New Products this week!

Fresh Harvested Potatoes!

We were put in touch with Roger who is handling the potatoes from 3 farmers. They have about 10 acres of potatoes they are selling for $18.00 for 20lbs. These potatoes are organically grown. Mark is listing them under a store collective " Farm Sales and More" as these farmers are not running their farms commercially and so Mark will manage the listings for them under his collective. He is not reselling these, just managing the listing. We have to get some close up pictures for you.... If you are interested please contact us... they have bulk as well. (40lbs for $33.00)

Alabama: White Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes

This recipe has evolved over the past eight years. After I added the thyme, ham and sour cream, my husband declared, “This is it!” I like to serve this rich, saucy entree with a salad and homemade French bread. —Hope Toole, Muscle Shoals, Alabama

An image of...
Roger's Potatoes

Warehousing the Potatoes!

Airdrie Alberta

Tomato Interesting Facts: 1-10

  • Botanically, tomatoes are fruits and not vegetables.
  • Green tomatoes will ripen if they are stored with apples.
  • Tomatoes are world’s most popular fruit.
  • It’s estimated that there are over 25,000 different tomato varieties.
  • As part of a scientific experiment, tomato seedlings have been grown in space.
  • 94.5% of the weight of a typical tomato is nothing but water.

Natural Bakery for the doggies!

Benji's Natural Bakery

Exclusive treats for your furry companion!

Cookie Crimes!

New producer in Lethbridge

Assorted Monster Size Cookies!

$30.00 per Doz

Cookies approx 4" diameter... kit kat chunk, chocolate chip, chai snap

Sample ice creams

are available this Wednesday in Calgary!

Ice Cream Pints

$11.00 ea or 4 for $40.00

Mint Oreo, Double Vanilla, Double Double, Spudnut... *very popular! Peaches and Cream, Dutch Chocolate, Rhubarb Crisp, Apple Pie, Dunkaroo and Tiger.

Interesting Reading!


Dehydrated Tomatoes

Blogspot - click here to read more

Dehydrating Green Tomatoes

A dad shows what he does to dry green tomatoes!

What to do with Green Tomatoes? A pie maybe?

An image of...

Green Tomato and Dried Apple Pie

I have gardens in my yard. LOTS of gardens. Besides flowers, flowering bushes and fruit trees, I have vegetable and fruit gardens. When weather permits, I grow enough fruits and vegetables to keep my family supplied all year and still share with my friends and neighbors. However, there is always that day in the fall when I am in my garden at night with a flashlight picking green tomatoes as fast as I can because freeze warnings are up. Of course, then I have to do something with the green tomatoes. Thus, Green Tomato and Dried Apple Pie.

More to come! We are talking to a coffee vendor...


And if you know of any produce farmers, please let us know. We need to add another producer or two as Sunshine Farm Market has decided to close for the winter but will be with us again in the spring.

Additional Information

We are starting our club membership after this Wednesday delivery in Calgary. There is no charge for current members to sign up. We still have to determine the length of subscription though will most likely be quarterly. At that time we are considering a $5.00 club fee to start with. Farmers will need to sign the club membership though we are not going to be asking them for any fees. Once the membership has begun we will send out an email asking for your opinions on a number of fronts.

Mark and Elana
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