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Growing from the Ground Up

Fall Start Up

Sept 15th 2022
See Below for delivery dates!

Harvesting, Canning, Preserves!




We are making changes because of what we see forthcoming in the near future.

New Set Up - Read More


Groceries need to be picked up

With some exceptions in the far south of Calgary, Okotoks & DeWinton, all other orders must be picked up. We are still negotiating the pick up locations and will advise you over the next few weeks.


Deliveries have been changed to Thursdays instead.

Calgary products are now available to Lethbridge customers.
Deliveries will be every 2 weeks on the same week
Calgary deliveries.

We still want to provide service and support to our community that wants fresh farm food. So what we have come up with is delivering to a single location and we are looking into developing something with organizations like Skip the Dishes so you can contact them to arrange for delivery to your home. You will need to pay the driver. Alternatively you can pay the volunteers to deliver to your home if you cannot make the pick up. We are suggesting a $25 charge.

We are estimating to be at the pick up location for 2 hours on Wednesdays between 11:30am to 1:30pm

If you cannot pick up your food at this time:
  • You will need to contact us and we will pass your food onto a volunteer.
  • You will need to pay the volunteer for their time and gas, and to make delivery arrangements.
  • You can also arrange that a friend picks up your order. Again you will need to let us know so we are not giving your groceries away to hungry people!
  • There are no refunds for orders not picked up.
Tentative Start Up dates:
Site Catalogue will be open Sept 15th
Calgary Delivery Sept 21
Lethbridge Delivery Sept 22

If you have any suggestions or comments please contact us at Email Us
This is a community endeavour and your thoughts are super important!

Interesting Reading!


Great Recipe Site!


Buttermilk Cake with Sour Milk Jam and Gin-Poached Cherries

August 11, 2013

This is one of those sleeper recipes that’s more complex-tasting than it sounds. Each element is supereasy to prepare and can be made days in advance, but the finished dessert is a stunner.

Raw Milk?


Read about Raw Milk!

Raw dairy products never go “expired” or bad. Compared to processed dairy products that can mould after the expiration date, raw milk simply evolves and naturally sours. After raw milk starts to sour, it does not become harmful. Many find that sour raw milk can even be evolved to another delicious product, like raw sour cream.

Family Owned Raw Farm 1998
Fresno California US
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