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April 14 2022

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Rafferty Farms - Basil and Pesto
Sunshine Market Gardens - Produce
Sunshine Blends - Kombucha and Cold Pressed Juice
Phoenix Farms - Haskap berries, wine and potatoes
Shirley's Greenhouse - Produce

Britestone sold their first eggs with us in Lethbridge!
It was super exciting and a little story around that....
They are in Carbon and everyone involved were
doing their utmost to make sure the eggs arrived
safely in the hands of a customer here in
A bit over 2 hours!
Now if that is not a supply chain
and community in action...
What is?


The Urban Apothecary!




MAY 3 at 7 PM



Contact us to get the zoom link!

KARL DENWOOD, is a sheep farmer out of Arrowwood.

He has very interesting stories to tell and you should see his facebook blog! He will be talking on May 3rd. When I met with him I was so struck by his inner soul strength and it is easy to see why he is a farmer! Trustworthy, sincere and true.

We are needing to book a second speaker for you. What would you like to know about? Let's see if we can make it happen!

More Info: Meet and Greet the farmers .



I want everybody to know how many incredible people have come together to make this community supply chain a reality. It occurred to me that very few farmers really know, truly know how many people are supporting them and want to create something new. This is a two part sharing.

First off Mark and I want to acknowledge publicly a HUGE Thank you to all the volunteers. Growing from the Ground Up would not be here without you.

The second part is for the farming community. Both Mark and I want you to know, to see how many people are coming forward to support this vision, a vision that brings you and customers together, on the same page. As part of that they also stand with you and beside you and are doing what they can, to make a difference.

The more I talk with you (farmers) the more I see how oppressed you have been and see how your spirits are still resolute in your love of the land and what you do. You are the backbone of Canada. You are the heart of the land. Please know that no matter what happens, people are here for you in what ever way they can be.
Brydon J (Red Water)
Shelly S (Camrose)
Debbie P (Chestermere)
Jenilee (Calgary)
Nancy T (N Calgary)
Shelly F (Grande Prairie)
Cat (Beaumont)
Shannon E (Sherwood Park)

Sheila S (Red Deer)
Adele (Calgary)
Margaret (Calgary)
Suzanne (Edm)
Bayton (Calgary)
Lona (Calgary)
Holly B (Wetaskiwin)

Ambassadors & other volunteers
Kathleen & Chris (Lethbridge)
Amy & Peter H (Lethbridge)
Lynn R (Lethbridge)
Jan P (Lethbridge)
Peggy N (Lethbridge)

Thank you all volunteers - thank you from Mark and myself.

Featured Greenhouse - Rafferty Farms

Now that's basil!


Rafferty Farms has just signed up on Growing from the Ground up! See their bio, what they sell and what makes them great!


An image of...
Rafferty Farms is a vertical aquaponics farm near Okotoks, AB. For those new to aquaponics, it is a soilless, closed-loop, growing concept that utilizes important microorganisms to convert waste from our fish into vital nutrients for our plants, which detoxify the water before it returns to our fish. Our unique system saves fresh water, incorporates sustainable technology, and does not expose your food to synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. This means better tasting, healthier, and safer food for you and your loved ones!

Read More on their Site!

Rafferty Farms Products

8 Ingredient Pesto 200g

Ingredients: Basil, Pumpkin Seeds, Canola Oil, Grana Padano, Olive Oil, Garlic, Salt, Pepper


Buy now
8 Ingredient Pesto 200g
Heirloom Genovese Basil 28g

Our zoom session this past Tuesday

2 Great Farmers spoke to a group of people on Zoom this past Tuesday...

Mark Entz from Britestone and James VanVoorst from Voorst Greenhouse.

Some of the interesting conversation that came up was James sharing how the high winds this past winter damaged his greenhouse and had repairs earlier this year. He also shared just how many varieties of tomatoes he grows, all colours of the rainbow! and his secret!!.. he puts manure under the top soil to power his plants!

James said the greenhouse was brought from Ontario and found its home with him in Monarch. His greenhouse is double plastic and I believe he said it was 20 000 ft square. To give that perspective a house room of 20 feet long by 10 feet wide is 200ft squared... So you can imagine the size. We had looked at greenhouses for ourselves a while back - there was an interesting video of how these greenhouses go together. I 'll have to find it for you!

Here is his link on the site:
Voorst Greenhouse

Mark Entz shared a video of the chicken barn, talked a bit about bio-security and answered questions about avian flu. His chickens have luckily never had avian flu... He'd like to keep it that way too! He has 20 000 chickens. Can you imagine that! And from what I hear they have 40 000 pullets too. The pullets are trained to roost at night and they dim the lights over 2 hours to approximate dusk time. The chickens are happy and well adjusted roaming freely within the barn. I hope the video becomes available and when it does I will share it with you!

Some feedback we had from that evening from a zoom participant ... it was very interesting to see behind the counter. For her it was like a peak into another world. She also suggested that we should put a zoom link into the next newsletter, so it is more readily available. Good Idea, thank you!

Their website is being worked on and is not available right now, but here is a link to their facebook page:

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Amy's New Blog!

A Very Lucky Cat - Part 1

Amy's Corner A Very Lucky Cat Part 1 There it was, on the side of the road. It looked like a tiny ball of gray and white fluff scooting along beside the curb at the intersection of Whoop up and McMaster. We were coming home in our truck as I yelled at Peter to pull over so I could investigate. …

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A Very Lucky Cat - Part 1
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