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Growing from the Ground Up


June 22 2022

We have some new Producers!

Both of these producers, a chocolatier and a bison farmer have something in common.
They are both top in their field! And!!! they are both going to be on our Meet and Greet Zooms coming up. Dates have to be set yet... BUT you can count on it!

ShawZ Chocolate

Here at my factory in Calgary, AB., the chocolate making process begins with roasting cocoa beans. The beans are then cracked, de-husked, stone ground and refined for a week with sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla, and conched in my commercial kitchen. The production timeline is a full 3 weeks before any of my chocolate is ready to be used for bars, bonbons, bulk sales, etc.
Oatmilk Chocolate Coconut Butter Cups
Blonde Oatmilk Chocolate Coconut Butter Cups
Salted Caramel Oatmilk Chocolate bar 50 g

OldMan River Bison Co.

Passion is the power behind this farm and their bison product! After talking to them on the phone, it wasn't long into the conversation they were telling us what makes them different.They do things VERY differently than the industry standard. Their buffalo are ONLY fed grass, the entire year, allowed to roam freely in pastures and never see the inside of a feed lot!

You can count on them! Their product is superior to most of the bison sold on the market today! Triple AAA Beef? Is Triple AAA Triple AAA anymore?
Think 5 Star Bison!
They will be adding their products very soon! But just couldn't wait to let you in on our excitement to have such high quality buffalo being available to you very soon!
Don't forget Crystal Springs Dairy Breakfast this Saturday!

Crystal Springs Cheese

Special Community Event!

only for 4 HOURS!

Don't miss it!

Saturday June 25th!

Crystal Springs Cheese

Is hosting a party!


Pancake Breakfast
Of course Milk and Chocolate Milk!
Guided tours of the farm
Live Cheese Making
Bouncy Castle
crystal springs 1
Come join us for breakfast on the dairy farm! This FREE event includes a delicious breakfast of eggs, sausage, pancakes, hashbrowns and yogurt, along with milk and chocolate milk! There will also be guided farm tours (showing cows, calves, animal housing and milking parlour) and live cheese-making! For the kids, we will have a bouncy castle, face painting, and hay rides! To top it all off, we will have ICE CREAM! Again, everything is completely FREE! You don't want to miss this! We are excited to be able to show you where your food comes from! Invite your friends!
Interesting Articles

This rare, vibrant heirloom corn

is the work of a Dust Bowl farmer with Cherokee roots

Jellybean-corn-on-the-cob flip it
TIL: Glass Gem is a beautiful and rare variety of heirloom corn (aka calico, flint, or "Indian" corn) that looks like candy, or maybe beads (previously). It was developed by Oklahoma farmer and breeder Carl 'White Eagle' Barnes and was originally only distributed to tribal members. Barnes, who passed in 2016, was half-Cherokee, half-Irish-Scotch and had a passion for native seed-keeping.

To read more about this interesting corn, click here!

The Seed Remembers

Through being of service with the seeds, Carl awakened to the more esoteric nature of corn and its mystical relationship to human beings. This led to further insights, which he shared widely, inspiring many people over the years. His philosophy and teaching could be summed up in three words he repeated so often — 'The Seed Remembers'.
Rainbow corn and spiritual roots - Podcast
A US company selling Rainbow corn
Corn Flint Glass

Old World Grains

Simply Perfect Pancakes

from King Arthur Baking
Substitute Barley flour in place of All Purpose flour!

Malt, rather than sugar, is what sweetens most food-service (i.e., restaurant/hotel) pancake mixes. For that typical "diner" taste, try malt in your pancakes instead of sugar.

Recipe Here:
Barley Pancakes flip it
Buckwheat Flour


Buckwheat Flour

VanGarderen Ranch in Picture Butte AB - stone milled flours and old world grain!
Strawberry Season is just around the corner!

Keep it in mind! He has U-Pick!

Gary Vanderwaal:

Phone: 1 403-715-7401



NEW PRODUCTS coming soon!

Crystal Springs Dairy: A2 Butter Milk, A2 Cultured BUTTER! and Whipping Cream :)



Meet & Greet Zoom

Tuesday July 19th


OldMan River Bison Co.

True Grass Fed, Pasture Raised Bison, NO hormones and antibiotics!
Bulk Meat, Portions and Smokies!
"From 1/4s and 1/2s, to ground and cuts, we got it!"

ShawZ Chocolate

True Artisan Chocolatier
Oat Milk, Hand Crafted from the cocoa bean
One of only a few True Chocolatiers in Alberta!
All Natural! No Dairy!

We will send out another newsletter later this month with all the cool details of these two producers so you can have your questions ready!

In August - look forward to Vangarderen Ranch - they will be sharing how to cook old world grains, their values, nutrients and what makes them so special!
All done from her farm and stone milled grain!
Just a few years off of being Certified Organic! Just taste the difference!

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