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May 12 2022

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People have asked if we can send reminders out and so we have created extra Newsletter/Reminder Lists to fine tune what you may want to receive so as
not to bombard you with a ton of emails.

If you would like only to receive reminders when we are delivering in your area,
please see the newsletter link below -

Or.... maybe you want a text reminder?
We will have a texting reminder program starting over the next few days and will be
sending out an email with information about the new texting service shortly.


Our new Categories!

Home & Garden


We have
Composting worms! and Britestone is
looking into selling manure for gardens too!

Personal Care?

Urban Apothecary in Lethbridge has listed
some of their products including Teas & Soaps!
Composting Buddies

Are you working in your yard this week?

You might want to look at the composting worms by Britestone Farm. We actually had our first sale on the site just this week! These worms are called Red Wigglers and are great for any materials you want to compost including banana peels!
Only one in stock right now!
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A fun Story

Crystal Springs Dairy had run out of their cheese curds and we postponed going into Calgary for a few hours to make sure the customers received everything in their orders. One customer was new and was our first delivery in Okotoks. After delivering the first part of the order, we went back to the car and got the last item. By the time we were at the front door, she had already tried the cheese curds!

She was blown away. They were the best ever! At that time the cheese curds were about 4 hours old! We told her " You'd be hard pressed to get fresher than that! It was a treat - a special something!"

Another farm, Wilson Acres farms, travelled for almost 2 hours to personally deliver an item so as not to disappoint their customer! There were a lot of people pulling out all the stops this week!

It had it's challenges for sure... But the wow of the customers... that makes everything worth it!

BBQ Season!

Roasted BBQ T-Bone Steak

Windy Vista Farm

Terrific Steaks and Lean Ground Beef!
Grass fed, pasture raised and free of antibiotics and hormones...
View the Store

Teas to strengthen your immune system!

Deep Wellness (27g)
Do you remember these? A topic you might find interesting:

The Old Fashioned Root Cellar!

from The Homesteading Hippy

Root cellars might be thought of as a quaint artifact of early food preservation techniques from a bygone age, but they continue to be a great option for keeping produce fresh on a working homestead, particularly one that might not make use of modern refrigeration technology.

entrance-to-root-cellar Homesetading hippy
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